FTC Cashmere

FTC Cashmere

Quality, efficiency, and productivity are important. So are human and ethical values. This aspect of FTC Cashmere has been a priority for owners Jutta and Andreas Knezovic since they founded the business in 2003. Specializing in high-quality, cashmere knits in the premium segment, FTC Cashmere stands for elegant, pure, coveted fashion and luxury articles as well as for a strong sense of responsibility with respect to fairer, ethically correct manufacturing conditions.

From the very beginning, FTC Cashmere has made a major contribution to sustainable business development in all of its production sites, and has opposed exploitation and desire for profit at the expense of people and resources. Joint projects with farmers and workers as well as returning to basic values such as tradition, environmental awareness, and ethics provide the foundation. This understanding on the part of both FTC Cashmere and its partners ensures that the precious starting materials maintain their high quality and that social standards are respected.

A good example is the exceptional FTC SeaCell® Cashmere Line, which is designed and distributed alongside FTC Cashmere’s pure Cashmere Collection. This line combines the finest cashmere with skin-friendly SeaCell® algae fibers. FTC Cashmere holds the exclusive rights worldwide to the blend of the two materials. The algae from the cold, pristine fjords of Iceland soothes and protects the skin. The algae is rich in minerals, proteins, trace elements, and vitamins. In addition, antioxidants guard against free radicals, and the active temperature exchange between skin and fibers provides a noticeable feeling of well-being.

Together with cashmere, the luxurious, comfortable, and soft touch is unequalled. The manufacturing process meets the same Fair Trade standards as the pure Cashmere Collection. Additional finishing takes place under fair conditions at the company’s own production sites in Inner Mongolia.

Fashion from FTC Cashmere not only is a popular product but also guarantees ethically correct goods, fair business dealings for all participants, sustainable pricing, and humane conditions throughout the production chain.